Evolve. Here & Now

How can you be at your BEST in our crazy world...stressout, burnout, breakdown

Evolve with PeapodLife 

The world's first truly sustainable, fully integrated Building EcoSystem Technology. Our BEST unites the latest in green construction with our exclusive high-order rainforest living wall ecosystems.

  • Lush moss, bromeliads, orchids relax & rejuvenate.
  • Evolves continuously to your changing needs for decades.
  • Low-maintenance & no plant replacement costs.

We have the BEST Solution to meet your needs and budget, including Green Investors & "Greenhabbing!" 

  • BEST HOMES all-in-one Green Dream Home ownership program
  • Ecosystems & Green Additions for your home, office, school, retirement residence, etc.
  • Eco-Retrofits & New Green Construction, both residential and commercial.

Benefit from your very own sanctuary tuned to the perennial rhythm of nature.  

  • Relax; breathe, think and feel DEEPLY again.
  • Expand; let inspiration & motivation find you.
  • Be more: creative, calm, effective, productive, authentic.

No other so-called "living walls" & "green buildings" compare. 

  • Canadian-made with over 30 years of development.
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty. 
  • 1-Year onsite BioCare included.

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