Property Developers & Real Estste Investors Discover pPodLite

On Saturday March 30th, PeapodLife attended the 2013 Property Show. It was an incredible opportunity for real estate investors, developers, architects, and others to get hands-on with one of our smaller living wall ecosystems, pPodLite.


PeapodLife Officially Launches pPodLite

Peapod Life's compact EcoSystems are now online! These self-contained living wall units are fantastic additions to home or office; condo or cottage; clinic or boutique...anywhere space may be is tight, but the potential for fresh air, revitalized atmosphere, and natural beauty is bountiful! 

pPodLite makes the "impossible" an easy and relatively affordable reality.


Livegreen Toronto Awards Deadline Approaches

Livegreen Toronto AwardsEvery year, the LiveGreen Toronto Awards celebrate the city's greenest youth, individual, group, small business, and corporation. PeapodLife, a Division of Wo-Built, Inc., is a proud member of Livegreen Toronto, and feel it's our duty to spread the word to all who may be eligible and worthy of recognition.

If you or your organization are making a difference making Toronto a greener and more Eco-friendly place to live, work and play, you should definitely checkout the Livegreen Awards website and consider making a submission.


Reconnect with Nature's Power

 Nature-deficit disorder. That is the term coined by Richard Louv in his bestselling book Last Child in the Woods. In it, he outlines the huge (and growing) rift separating children and the outdoors. He also draws a direct connection between the digital age and this so-called nature-deficit. It becomes a full-blown syndrome when childhood epidemics like obesity, attention disorders and depression are factored into the equation.


PeapodLife Launches New Website

PeapodLife is excited to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website. With plenty of images and information to satisfy the merely curious and the connoisseur alike.