At Genesis Eco Fund, we put the “Social” in the Social Enterprise behind PeapodLife and its Partners: promoting Advanced Human Habitat via Building EcoSystems & Technology.

Our mission is to help bring Advanced Human Habitat, powered by Building EcoSystems & Technology, to the world. It is a mission which involves efforts in both the private, for-profit and public spheres.

At Genesis, we use fundraising, research & development, ecosystem relief, education and community building to lead humanity’s capability, accessibility, awareness and collective benefit from Advanced Human Habitat.

As the key not-for-profit vehicle driving AHH, BEST, Genesis devotes 100% of its time and efforts on activities which benefit:

  • Society: individuals, families, communities, schools, healthcare centres, more.
  • Environment: energy, carbon emissions, humanity's connection to and relationship with nature, more.
  • Economy: businesses large & small, agriculture, institutions, governments, more.

Supported in part by proceeds from sale of PeapodLife Building EcoSystems & Technology, Genesis also runs fundraising and crowd funding campaigns.

Genesis Eco Fund is a registered not-for-profit corporation under the name Genesis International Fund for Ecological Atmospheric Research, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We function as the non-profit arm of PeapodLife Building EcoSystems & Technology, a Division of Wo-Built, Inc.