Design & Build Contractors with a Difference; who Make a Difference

Wo-Built Inc. Wo-Built is a general contractor with a difference: they listen. They live by the adage "patience is a virtue." This allows them to pursue their social missions which include building a greener world one project, one community at a time; and, supporting young women (and men) in the trades, with on-the-job training and experience working on projects exceeding all standards for design excellence and quality.

Building longevity is the original “green technology”.

Wo-Built manages the rebuilding process. With experience on large-scale projects, they are capable of managing resources, working with local trades and volunteers, maximizing capacity utilization while making sure available human capital is neither underutilized nor overstressed. If local resources are stretched, they can call in their own team as well.

Renovations, retrofits, tear-downs and re-builds—all manner of residential and commercial reconstruction projects are well within Wo-Built's capabilities. Good design and custom tailored-projects being one of their specialties, they are particularly sensitive to updating and upgrading while preserving the character and consistency of neighborhoods and communities. Construction, project management, and consulting services are also available.