Building EcoSystems & Technology via Home Ownership for the Masses that's both Economical & Social. 


  • One-stop stress-free resale home ownership
  • Get the Green Home of Your Dreams, complete with Building EcoSystem & Technology, Rolled into Your First Mortgage
  • Optional legal 2nd Suite "Green Dream Basement Apartment" adds rental income & boosts your purchasing power
  • Make your home more affordable for yourself, and make your 2nd Suite a part of the solution to affordable housing crisis*

Green Dream Homes for Everyone

It's long been PeapodLife's dream to make its revolutionary BEST platform available to all. Now, with the help of our partner, Casavant Corporation, that dream is a reality.

Don't think you can afford a green dream home complete with a high-order rainforest ecosystem from PeapodLife? Think again. With our easy step-by-step process...

  1. Choose where you want to live.
  2. We'll pre-approve you for a mortgage within your budget.
  3. One of over 300 real estate agents will help you identify a property at below-market prices (a "fixer-upper").
  4. Our Architectural Technologist will inspect the property and design & price-out a green home renovation, within the scope of your pre-approved mortgage.
  5. If you like the design, location, and how the numbers work, the deal is closed (you pay only the down-payment on the mortgage).
  6. All renovations are PERFORMANCE BONDED, and are paid for by the mortgage company.  

Connect with PeapodLife today for more information.

*Subject to government participation; critical mass of 2nd Suites.