pPodLite Angolo is perfect for Condos, Houses, Offices & More

Designed for installation in corners and tight niches. Engineered to remarkable specifications of quality, reliability and longevity of plant life.  Peapod Life's Angolo is the BEST living wall system to turn practically any space into Advanced Human Habitat.

Angolo Advanced Features

  • Modular 8’ Corner Unit
  • 16 sq. ft of Rainforest Plant & Moss Area
  • 5 Biome High-Order EcoSystem
  • Canopy, Terrestrial & Aquatic Fauna Habitats
  • Built-in Full-Spectrum Light Source
  • Self-Contained Water Purification System


  • Improve indoor air quality; feel and perform better. Extend the reach of your ecosystem to other rooms via umbilicals and make your building come to life.
  • Grow almost anything! Orchids, moss, even organic food thrive in our Zero-Nutrient EcoSystem. No soil-based, hydroponic or other living wall can compare.
  • Save money on air filters. Open to airflow, root systems filter, clean and replenish the air around you more naturally and healthily than HVAC systems.
  • Perfect for home, condo, office, retail boutique, health & wellness facility, school or public space; anywhere you or others work, rest or play.
  • More impact for less compared to remodelling; better than hanging art or an artificial living wall; pPodLite Muro is a cost-effective way to improve any space.
  • An ecosystem is an appreciating asset which adds tangible value to your property. Stand out from the crowd with a level of “wow!” you can feel.

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