Indoor Vertical Gardens the Natural Way

Powered by Patented Breathing Wall Technology & Proprietary EcoSystem Know-How

PeapodLife EcoSystems feature living walls unlike any other.  Using patented Breathing Wall technology and fed by our vibrant, thriving EcoSystem, PeapodLife living walls are lush, all natural, chemical free and scalable. 

Perfect for home or office; retail; hospitality; and so much more, Peapodlife Breathing Walls provide a stunning effect to any space, along with the benefits of all natural air filtration and purification. 


Where plants in others' living walls might survive, our living walls THRIVE. Free of fertilizers and insecticides, our living walls require little maintenance. Connected with an EcoSystem, our walls rarely (if ever) require any plant replacement. Our unique approach to symbiosis—technology, design and ecology—makes it possible. 

Available in standard arrangements or completely customized to fit your architecture and decor, PeapodLife Living Walls can be mounted to an existing wall, embedded in place of drywall or other wall coverings, even used in place of cubicles and other room dividers.

PeapodLife Living Walls personify Real, Sustainable Living Space.