Petite Size. Big Impression. PeapodLife Muro

Feeling backed into a corner? Let Muro open your heart, fill your lungs and plunge you into the depths of the PeapodLife.

You may not even realize the slow creeping feeling of the walls closing in around you; but you sure know what it feels like when things finally get to you.

One thing's for sure. Far from cramping your style, a new living wall ecosystem will open you up and fill your world with a feeling of being in a real rainforest ecosystem. Our Muro line was designed to bring that fresh outdoor feeling to even the smallest of spaces:

  • condos
  • offices
  • waiting rooms & treatment rooms
  • retirement residential suites
  • dorm rooms
  • more


Muro Advanced Features

  • 6’ Wall Unit
  • 12+ sq. ft of Rainforest Plant & Moss Area
  • 3 Biome Ecosystem
  • Canopy & Aquatic Fauna Habitats
  • Self-Contained Water Purification System
  • External Full-Spectrum Light Source May be Required 

View / Download* Product Sheet:

pPodLite Angolo Product Sheet.pdf        (Screen)
pPodLite Angolo Product Sheet HQ.pdf  (HQ Print)

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